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A Unique Opportunity for University Students

Facebook School of Innovation India aims to foster future talent in emerging technologies and bring cutting edge technologies to India for ambitious students. We recognize that the students enrolled in university programmes, across disciplines are very keen to learn emerging technologies provided they have guidance, especially from the Industry.

Towards this end, we launched VR 201 in Sastra University in Jan 2019 and we are currently the third batch of students taking the course. We held a University Showcase Workshop in November 2019, where we showcased the course integration efforts in Sastra. This was an invite only workshop and 16 Institutes participated with an interest in course integration. Amongst the institutes, those who have taken initiatives towards course integration are GITAM University, Kerala Technological University (KTU), KLE (Hubli), GRIET (Telangana) and
Sandip University (Nashik).

As of Jan 2020, VR 201 will be launched in GITAM University, Vizag Campus and further expanded to their other campuses in July 2020.

2 Partner Universities

Sastra University

Course Crew

Head Coach, XR Developer and Consultant: Pratham Sehgal

Pratham Sehgal

Head Coach

VR Expert,

Coach, Sastra University: Madhav Nair

Madhav Nair

Coach, Sastra University

XR Developer,
Odyn Reality

Coach, Hindustan University: Abhiram A

Abhiram A


Technical Officer - XR,
Kerala Startup Mission

Course Faculty Coordinator: Bharathy C

Bharathy C

Course Faculty Coordinator, Sastra University

Assistant Professor, School of Computing

Sairam Vakkalanka

Sairam Vakkalanka

Course Faculty Coordinator, GITAM Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Reena Singh

Reena Singh

Course Manager

Industry-Academia Liaison Manager, SV.CO

Teaching Assistants


Sastra (July-Nov 2019 implementation)

Virtual Reality Course Pathway

VR 401 roadmap

VR 101

This course is aimed to introduce the students to the concepts and development of Virtual Reality primarily based on Unity. It is a self-paced, completely online course, with an average completion duration of 7-10 days.

Prerequisite: None


The students are expected to understand the basics of VR, jargons of VR industry and usage of Unity game engine in VR application development.

VR 201

Beginner level VR course

This is a beginner course on VR. It focuses on introducing the students to learn about Virtual Reality and skills required to become a Unity VR developer.

Prerequisite:  VR 101 (optional)


Through this course, the students are expected to get beginner level skills in the basics of VR development on Oculus platform and Unity development which includes wireframing, level designing and C# programming.

VR 301

Intermediate level VR course

The objective of this course is to advance the students in their knowledge of Virtual Reality by helping them build a VR application on the Oculus platform, thereby making their career VR ready.

Prerequisite: VR 201


Through this course, the students are expected to get intermediate skills in VR development on the Oculus platform and Unity development (Wireframing/Storyboarding, Level Designing, C# Programming) along with a deeper understanding of making VR as a career option.

VR 401

Advanced level VR course

This course addresses the advanced concepts of VR specifically currently relevant in the industry. Students will build a production grade application on themes and problem statements coined by the industry.

Prerequisite: VR 301


Through this course, the students are expected to get advanced skills in VR development on the Oculus platform and Unity development.

School of VR blueprint

Virtual Reality Open Program

Along with university integration, a 6-month open VR program was conducted between August 2018 to February 2019. A total of 10 teams were selected from across the India out of 1194 applications. This program culminated in a demo-day on February 23, 2019 where the selected 10 teams got an opportunity to showcase their product to the Facebook/industry panel.


SV.CO Logo

Startup Village Collective (SV.CO) is a mission-based organisation to build the collective network for teaching and learning emerging technology courses to students.

The Company is currently piloting with select industry partners (Facebook and Freshworks) to create a connected learning platform for faculty and students in partner Universities to teach and learn emerging technologies like Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Web Developer Courses.

 Learn more about SV.CO

Facebook Logo

Facebook is already involved with SV.CO as the Official Silicon Valley Host Partner along with City of Menlo Park and US Embassy in India and hosted the largest contingent of Indian students founders to visit Silicon Valley in June 2017.

Facebook with its interest to nurture future talent in India, is partnering with SV.CO to take the School of Innovation to the students to understand the potential of cutting edge technologies, build products, demo to industry leaders and perhaps also launch to customers.

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