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classroom education

Pupilfirst is a small team of engineers, designers, educators, researchers and operational experts who combine their skills everyday to reimagine classroom education.

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cultural values

We work with these cultural values

Solve real problems

We pick real problems faced by society at large.

Play long-term

We value patience over speed and choose long-term value over short-term benefits.

Balanced view

We try to find a balance between an optimistic, pessimistic and realistic outlook for the future.

Stay innovative

We continuously learn from our failures to stay innovative.

Transparent governance

We provide a transparent view into our corporate governance practices.

Values over returns

Sustaining human values holds a higher priority than maximising financial returns.

Operational values

Perks & benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer competitive salaries to attract and retain our talented team.

Remote & Asynchronous

We are a remote-only team relying on asynchronous written communication as our primary working style.

Work-life balance

We choose personal health first, family second, and work third.

Unlimited PTO

All team members choose when they want to take time-off, without any red tape.

Health Insurance

Every team member and their family is covered by the same health insurance policy.

Guided ownership

We value personal responsibility, but we also believe that we need to guide each other to succeed.

Team Travel

Our team gets together for four working days, twice a year, to recharge and reconnect.

Paid Gear

We provide you with the all the gear you need to work effectively.

Parental Leave

We offer 26 weeks of maternity leave and 4 weeks of paternity leave.

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