Leadership In
Teaching Excellence

AICTE's Leadership in Teaching Excellence (LITE) is a national programme to train 100,000 faculty and 2.4 crore students in emerging technologies using NEP 2020 learner-centered pedagogy.

What is this program?

An AICTE and industry-led specialised leadership training for teachers from computer science and allied departments, to teach a minor degree programme in web development and up-skill their students


To equip academic institutions with teaching excellence in software industry standards and become an aspirational benchmark for other academic institutions across the country.

Who is this for?

Universities and AICTE affiliated institutions with visionary heads of institutions and committed faculty from computer science and allied departments who can create transformational changes as envisioned by NEP 2020.

Programme Structure

How this is achieved

Dynamic curriculums

LITE curricula are dynamic and maintained by teaching fellows who are industry practitioners.

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Illustration explaining how curriculums are updated.


LITE program is aimed at implementing the goals of the National Educational Policy 2020, such as learner-centered pedagogy, competency-based curriculums, and personalized assessments.

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The program aims to skill


faculty members

Approving universities

LITE curriculum is deployed in institutes after getting all required approvals from participating institutes.

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The full-stack approach

A digital framework encompassing four knowledge frameworks for NEP 2020 classrooms

National showcase

Realizing the vision of NEP 2020

Learn more about the national role models who are bringing the transformational vision of NEP 2020 into reality.

LITE National Showcase
Vice Chancellors of universities