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pupilfirst lms

Focus on your students

Outcome-driven teaching

Our LMS lets course authors create real learning outcomes for students, allowing for an intensive ‘learn by doing’ process to lock in newfound knowledge.

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Foster a culture of sharing knowledge

Pupilfirst encourages collaboration by building student communities that can solve its own problems, and even supports teaming up of students to go through a challenging course together.

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Give targeted feedback

Pupilfirst enables subject-matter experts to quickly and efficiently review the quality of task submissions by students, share feedback and create a conversation around what students have learned.

Image showing feedback on pupilfirst LMS.

pupilfirst automation

Automating the tedious tasks

Easily configurable automation

Integrations with GitHub Actions in Pupilfirst makes it easy for course authors to set up automation using industry-standard configuration. This automation can be used to test validity of student submissions, and even review and give feedback using ChatGPT.

Illustration of steps involved in VTA.

Plagiarism detector

Our approach to teaching students industry-relevant skills mean that their assignments require them to submit complex input unacceptable for traditional plagiarism detection tools. We leverage the latest AI-based tech to detect and automate handling of plagiarism in students’ assignment submissions.

Illustration of a page showing plagirised text and matching percentage.

Check out what we’re working on right now!

A significant portion of our work (including the LMS) is open-source, and a lot of our day-to-day work is tracked and managed on publicly accessible GitHub projects.

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